• Lea Judo Club is a not for profit judo club. The weekly fees are £2.50 that cover the payment of the hall fees, prizes and equipment.
  • On top of the weekly fees it is a requirement that a new members must:
  • Pay for a British Judo Council provisional licence at a cost of £10 that provides insurance protection for three months; or
  • Pay for a full British Judo Council licence at a cost of £27.


These fees are paid to the governing body, the British Judo Council. With a full licence you are able to grade and also take part in competitions. With a provisional license you are not able to grade or take part in competitions


Click here to see and print application form for provisional or full license.


As well as completing this application we will also ask you to complete contact form.




When you start you do not need to buy a suit judo outfit straight away. As long as clothing is worn without any metal or sharp components. The British Judo Council is quite traditional and does not allow competitors to wear judo suits with sports branding on the jackets e.g. ADIDAS. It is advised that you choose a plain white judo outfit e.g. Blitz. Click here for example. To save money the club sometimes has secondhand judo outfits that you can purchase.




As students progress they will be graded according to BJC rules. Grading can sometimes be done within Lea Club or may also be carried out at area gradings. These are often held in Bristol.















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